Creating Culture In Farming | Stuart Wesley

Is there culture in farming? Stuart Wesley on today’s episode will say there is. Today’s episode goes in depth talking about the people within their own enterprise the people outside of it and how this creates our culture on farm or in your Agribusiness. This episode is well needed leading into the Christmas as families get together from across the country it is a good time to update improve or just communicate where you are at. Make sure you visit Oasispc.com.au. For more information about how Stuart and his team are working with some of the farming families across the country.

If you liked this episode make short to share it with teammates so that we can improve Australian farming families and then enterprises. The conversation doesn’t stop here they come along over to Twitter Facebook wherever you can find @farmsadvice to dive a little bit deeper. for more episodes just like this one FarmsAdvice.com.au

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