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Should Family Farms use Trusts?

This week on the Farms advice podcast we look at the role of family farm trusts as a structure with the team at Byfields business advisors. As recently you may have seen in the media that trusts are under scrutiny from the ATO and there are current drafts to change the way that they are…

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Grain Producers of Australia

It is here! The Grain Producers Australia series kicks off with the Chair Barry Large who is a farmer himself and had thought banding together as growers will improve the outlook of farmers across Australia. This is what we’re all about on the podcast so enjoy this episode and many more to come covering the…

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Make 2022 The Safest On-Farm

We’re getting into the year now and no time like the present to think about how you can improve your risks on farm and work smarter around what could be potentially dangerous. With the industry expected to three times its output at the farm gate, with that it’ll bring along with it risks of working…

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Facilitating Change and Building Capacity on Farm

On this episode we have partnered with the Australasia-Pacific Extension Network 2022 Conference to bring to you the insights and studies that have been collected and sweated over so that we APEN network can provide a sound understanding of what change means for rural and regional communities. Episode two for 2022 on the Farms Advice…

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