jack cresswell farms advice founder

Jack Cresswell

Farms Advice Founder

It all started as a Facebook group to connect with mates after finishing university with a B.A. Agribusiness in 2016 (Marketing Management Major). I came up with the idea from a page called Blokes Advice. It was all a bit too much on there so I left and wanted to have a group where we could talk farming with worthwhile conversations. Being one of the only ones that did marketing as a major allowed me to be in the middle of sectors and I had thought it would be great to connect them together somehow. Working at home on the family sheep stud and with 3 years of experience working in London, he looks to bring in his knowledge of other industries to help him see the opportunities within Australian agriculture.

By wanting to look at the more serious side of farming in the business and marketing end that will allow others to be motivated to do the same. If the industry is able to work together in a transparent way we will be able to grow our efficiencies and increase our productivity by focusing on what truly matters.

If you’re interested in finding out more get in touch I’d love to have a yarn.

Email me: jack@farmsadvice.com.au

  • 2016 – Farms Advice Facebook Group started

    800 members from mostly eastern parts of Australia

  • 2018 – Started Farms Advice website

    Offering a hub to write valuable content for those working within agriculture

  • 2020 – (May) Farms Advice Podcast started

    February: Farms Advice Agribusiness Directory is started with 10 agribusinesses listed

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