Farms Advice is your online resource for Australian agribusiness. For those looking to create opportunities within agriculture to become efficient, productive, and sustainable into the future or those wanting to learn how to improve each day.

We look at transforming traditional agriculture into the digital world. Follow and share our journey.

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What is our podcast about?
  • Growing agribusiness as a whole through transparency
  • Industry experts leading the way
  • Farmers breaking the status quo
  • How to effectively tell your story through the power of marketing agriculture
  • Off-farm income opportunities
  • Agriculture technology and how to adapt and adopt

We started the podcast during the coronavirus lockdown in order to further reach those who may feel disconnected from their community and who still want to grow their agribusiness. Agriculture produce saw an increase in demand as consumers stayed home to cook their meals. By starting a podcast we saw it as the best way to connect those throughout the industry to improve their own enterprise. It is a fantastic way to improve our exposure but also for Farms Advice to grow into the platform by giving the listeners key takeaways that they are able to implement into their own enterprise. LISTEN TODAY!

Help us on our mission reach every farmer and agribusiness owner in Australia.

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Transparent Supply Chains with Emma Weston | Ep. #10 Farms Advice Agribusiness Podcast

Farms Advice had the opportunity to speak with Emma Weston from AgriDigital. A company kicking goals within Australian agriculture within their 5 years of existence. With new projects coming it is a timely episode for their new WayPath App. Australian farmers are the start of the supply chain and AgriDigital allows you to manage your commodity effectively right the way through. Listen and share this with another farmer to help us reach the 93,000 farming families.  — Send in a voice message:

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We are always looking for speakers of all different backgrounds. With creating a diverse range of speakers we look to help you make an informed decision in how you can make your daily life easier whilst working within agribusiness.

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Agribusiness Topic areas we like to focus on:

  • Agribusiness and marketing
  • Financing, accounting and investing
  • Creating off-farm income through diversification
  • Employment within agriculture. Find out why we work in agriculture and further opportunities
  • New technologies and revolutionary old ideas that work
  • The lifestyle and opportunities in agriculture

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