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Farms Advice is your online resource for Australian agribusiness. For those looking to create opportunities within agriculture to become efficient, productive, and sustainable into the future or those wanting to learn how to improve each day.

We look at transforming traditional agriculture into the digital world. Follow and share our journey.

farms advice podcast
What is the Farms Advice podcast about?
  • Growing agribusiness as a whole through transparency
  • Industry experts leading the way
  • Farmers breaking the status quo
  • Off-farm income opportunities
  • Agriculture technology and how to adapt and adopt

We started the podcast during the coronavirus lockdown in order to further reach those who may feel disconnected from their community and who still want to grow their agribusiness. Agriculture produce saw an increase in demand as consumers stayed home to cook their meals. By starting a podcast we saw it as the best way to connect those throughout the industry to improve their own enterprise. It is a fantastic way to improve our exposure but also for Farms Advice to grow into the platform by giving the listeners key takeaways that they are able to implement into their own enterprise. LISTEN TODAY!

Help us on our mission reach every farmer and agribusiness owner in Australia.

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Farm Yarns with Daniel Fischl Farms Advice Agribusiness Podcast

G'day farmers, this week we yarn with Daniel Fischl from Eartrumpet Consulting and Padardis as a form agtech for the viticulture industry. Daniel opens up his thoughts to be challenged and looking for outside information. When you put 50 winemakers in a room you're going to receive very similar answers. He looks upon the indigenous ways of managing landscapes and water through 1000s of years of knowledge being built up.  Did you like this episode? Can relate to what Daniel goes through as an early stage startup as the result of 25 years of knowledge in the labs and now out in the vineyards across the world. Daniel looks to journal articles within and outside of viticulture. He loves to go to global farmers to see how he can take the expertise or #FarmsAdvice of how they run their own operation. Wine recommendation is Linnaea as their own brand hitting the market from Melbourne. Take these questions and answer them youself and see what you come up with. Maybe, even put it to your farm team! Links: Padardis Agtech — Send in a voice message:
  1. Farm Yarns with Daniel Fischl
  2. How To Reduce Water Use and Improve Wine Quality | Daniel Fischl
  3. Farm Yarns with Gavin O'Brien
  4. Supporting Growth in Ag with Private Capital | Ben Craw
  5. How To Prepare For Planting | Gavin O'Brien

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