Data Leads To Productivity Lift For Farmers | Optiweigh Series

Farms Advice Podcast focuses on growing agribusinesses and the individuals that work within them across Australia. How can we improve and optimise what we’re doing each and every day. A scary fact is that most farmers on average only have 50 seasons of farming. If you look at it like that then it doesn’t seem much. So why not look for solutions to save your time and money in the long run. 

This week we launch the Optiweigh Connecting Data To Productivity series and extremely happy to partner with Bill and the growing team up in the Hills of Armidale, New England region. With over 300 Optiweigh’s out in the paddocks of Australian farmers you can start to see that Bill has moved pass the early adopters and is gaining solid momentum into the global markets.

Find out what’s happening with in-paddock weighing versus bringing your cattle to the yards each time to weigh them.


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