What Is Agriculture In Your Own Words

Agriculture is the connection of tools and knowledge that enable us to provide crop and livestock products to consumers domestically and internationally. The interpretation is forever changing by location and accessibility to newer technologies.

As the Farms Advice podcast develops we look to own the “agribusiness” space as this is the connection between agriculture and business. Without successfully connecting the two components we wouldn’t be able to run as a business or even as a lifestyle. I see that it’s vitally important for us as farmers to improve, re-iterate and implement new ways of working to either save money, time by improving efficiencies and productivity.

The idea of optimising what we currently have in order to reach a certain level of output that aligns with your benchmark. As we are able to grow our revenue’s by utilising the land sustainably we will see a rich in the DSE/Ha Yield/Ha as some of the larger sectors of agriculture. We’ve been brought up that with more land we can grow more crops or graze more livestock. It’s great to expand your boundary literally but if you’re not using 25% of your farm is there some way that you can increase your %.

  • Can you implement a new variety of feed for livestock?
  • Can you grow a crop across the 25%?
  • Is it viable to put a shelter belt on it for carbon storing with Carbon Farmers of Australia?

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