What Does Brisbane 2032 Olympics Mean for Australian Agriculture?

Last night the IOC had announced that Brisbane was the successful bidder to host the 2032 Olympic games. That means that Australia has had the opportunity to welcome the nations to our shores twice in 32 years. With 2000 Sydney Olympics was a success for the Australian economy and push for the “Sporting Nation”. With all the headlines going to the sports it’s important to realise how will the huge influx of spectators pending covid and the team coming in droves be fed.

Since the 2000 Sydney Olympics, you could say Australian agriculture has come leaps and bounds with the introduction of technologies but also the independent value agribusinesses who are providing quality food at the highest of standard. This upcoming Olympics we see it as the best opportunity to put Australia back at the front of mind for what we produce with quality.

With 50% of the visitor expenditure of international travellers dispersing into the regions of Queensland and beyond. It can produce an uplift of $10 Billion going straight into the community.

How can we use paddock to plate at Brisbane 2032 Summer Olympics?

A great opportunity for the smaller and private businesses to put their products on the plates of athletes, spectators, and the teams that are in Australia during the Olympics in Brisbane and South East QLD.

with the increase on value-added products like Jim’s Jerky, G’day Garlic as a way to feed athletes and teams with Australian snacks as a high-protein source from the beef jerky and garlic seasoning that could put the finishing touches on the athlete’s food after printing 100m, swimming a medley or to throwing in shotput.

Listen to Jim’s Jerky CEO Emily Pullen

How to optimize your agritourism primmed for the 2032 Summer Olympics?

With agritourism increasing for Aussie farmers as a positive way to improve the community in remote areas, generate another channel of income that can offset dryer times or times of low revenue from production systems. Each state will be able to benefit from the Olympics as an isolated country the teams will flow around the country for some time afterwards which has been seen to impact communities through Rio, London, Tokyo (not so much).

You have 10 years to work out your USP for the Olympics but also now for your community. Can you see people driving out to your part of the country to see the sights and take n what it’s like to live on a working farm, station?

Listen to Ana Pimenta from King Island about her Agritourism

The value propositions of the IOC to host the 2032 games in Brisbane was far too strong. We look forward to witnessing Australia host the games again to share the moments and putting the work of Australian farmers at the forfront.

If you know someone that will be connecting the games to the food producers please let us know. Keep spreading the #FarmsAdvice

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