What Careers Are In Agriculture?

The agriculture industry is in the middle of a revitalisation of how people perceive it from an employment perspective. It is a diverse industry that needs to employ nearly every role imaginable as the world continues to eat more protein daily and look for different alternatives as the population demands it.

We have built a list of different sources and our own knowledge of what roles are needed within the industry. If you have a role that needs to be added to the list then please comment below. The roles listed below will all have different levels of hierarchy as you gain further experience in the role you will move further up and your pay should also reflect this.

Graduate – Assistant – Coordinator – Officer – Executive – Consultant – Manager

Australia agriculture jobs includes 112 possibilities in 13 sectors

 the government announced that Agriculture related degrees in Australia will be slashed by 62%. At the same time, people are beginning to realise the importance of food and agriculture, with COVID-19 emphasising just how essential the sector is to our economy, and in our day to day lives.

This map will never be complete as job transformations are happening quicker then they are filled. As agriculture adopts digital assets more the more opportunities that there will be for others to enter the industry as a cross over of skillsets.

112 agriculture jobs in australia
Agriculture jobs in Australia mapped by Farms Advice

If you know of a position that is not listed her please leave it in the comments below.

Environmental roles in agriculture

  • Sustainability consultant
  • Grower Relationships manager
  • Biosecurity officer
  • Pest control management
  • Plant breeding research officer
  • Land management

Food and Fibre Producers

With Australia predominately livestock and cropping it is a large industry to get into. With many avenues to go into the producer, role puts your role first at the start of the supply chain.

  • Commerical livestock producer: Producers are those who breed any type of livestock. The main ones are below:
    • Cattle Producer/Farmhands
    • Sheep producer with both wool and meat breeds/Farmhands
      • Shearing/Wool classer
    • Poultry& Egg producer/ Farmhands
    • Pork producer/farmhands
  • Cotton
    • Irrigator
  • Dairy producers
  • Horticulturalist
    • Orchards
    • Fresh Produce
    • Winery/Viticulture
    • Nutritionist Advisor for livestock/equine
  • Aquaculture
  • Fishing crew
  • Apiarist/Beekeeping

Science in agriculture

  • Agronomist
  • Ecologist
  • Research & Development officer
  • Livestock nutritionist
  • Station manager
  • Geneticist
  • Food scientist

Business roles in agriculture

  • Agribusiness banker
  • Accountant & auditor
  • Business Development Manager
  • Business Operations
  • Agribusiness consultant
  • Agricultural market analyst
  • Agribusiness market analyst
  • Management consultant
  • Merchandiser
  • Sales representative
  • Insurance Consultant /Advisor

Law roles in agriculture

  • Policymaker
  • Regulatory and compliance specialist

Economics roles in agriculture

  • Agricultural market analyst
  • Agribusiness market analyst
  • Management consultant
  • Financial analyst
  • Commodity trader: Trading all raw materials from agriculture producers of mixed grains and meat.
  • Agricultural economist

Technology in agriculture

  • Agricultural technician
  • Agriculture Robotics
  • Developer
  • Data scientist
  • AgTech, product manager
  • Precision agricultural technician
  • Data Protection and Security
  • Project Manager

Creatives in agriculture

  • Journalist
  • Digital marketing
    • Social Media manager
    • Search Engine Optimist (SEO)
    • Webmaster
    • Email specialist
    • Community manager
  • Branding and communications specialist
  • Videographer/photographer
  • Design & Fashion – Working with natural fibres

Educational roles in agriculture

  • Agriculture teacher: Primary/High School and vocational training at TAFE Australia. Tutors are also needed in certain circumstances.
  • University lecturer:
  • Distant Education

Logistics/Transportation in agriculture

  • Export & Import roles
  • Quality Control Officer
  • Driver roles

Engineering and Mechanical roles in agriculture

  • Mechanical engineer
  • Environmental engineer
  • Field Engineer
  • Broiler Maker
  • Vehicle Mechanic
  • Diesel Mechanic
  • Fitter and Turner
  • Service and parts specialist
  • Tyre service operative

Processing and Manufacturing roles in agriculture

  • Packaging
  • Production Manager
  • Warehouse operative
  • Quality control
  • Feedlot manager

Government & Charity based roles

  • Community and Stakerholder
  • Community Liasion
  • Fundraiser
  • RFDS – Nurse, doctor, dentist: Supporting regional and remote agribusinesses

Casual positions in agriculture

  • Harvest time throughout the year: tractor/chaser bin drivers, combine drivers, spray operations, hay production
  • Station hands for large cattle and sheep operations
  • Equipment operator

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  1. David Falepau says:

    could you please consider listing ‘farm business manager’ under the ‘Business’ category? and then consider changing the “food and fibre producer” title to something like “primary production manager” or “operations manager” so people don’t percieve “farm business manager” and “food and fibre producer” to be one and the same. Or maybe restructure the diagram to differentiate explicitly ‘production management’ from ‘farm business management’ or maybe make ‘production management’ a subset of ‘farm business management’?

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