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Bill Mitchell and some of his grass-fed herd

The Farms Advice podcast caught up with Bill Mitchell. A farmer and innovator who has founded Optiweigh, an automated in-paddock weighing solution that can save time and money for farmers small and large.

We dive into how it all started and how he was able to bring a product to market as a farmer. There is a lot of farmers innovating for themselves but few are able to bring a viable product to market. 

Bill has been always curious about what is happening next within agriculture and how he can be the change of innovation. By taking a product that is already in use and adapting it to allow for reducing cost and most importantly our time as an industry. Labour is the largest expense for Australian agriculture so the platform allows cattle producers (soon to be sheep producers also) to weigh cattle without the need of moving them to the yards. Depending on the size of your operation it will most likely take a day to be in and out to see if they are ready to send to market. Optiweigh takes the guessing out of your enterprise so that you can make a decision with confidence.

Every new innovation comes with its hiccups and learning curves. Bill had to scratch up on knowledge of technology to get the product of the ground. A common theme with our podcast guests is that they know how to lean on there network to gain expertise to help with the development phase of agtech.

Optiweigh towed behind a side by side

We love supporting farmers who are looking to innovate like Bill and turn their idea into a commercial enterprise. With Optiweigh giving farmers the ability to remotely weigh their livestock it can gather data for your enterprise for weight gain on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis allowing you to make a decision on whether you should sell.

Award winning: The UNE SRI Pitch2Grow AgTech Virtual Showcase

Mention Farms Advice Podcast if you enquire about a set of Optiweigh scales. If you are a farmer who has an innovation we’d love to hear from you. Email hello@farmsadvice.com.au

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