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This is according to the writers of Farms Advice and what we see day in and day out with some stunning images coming out that will make you want to join Australian agriculture in one way or another. If you are working within the Australian agribusiness sector and would like to feature your account, follow us on @farmsadvice.

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Australian Acres

Only recently started and with a growing fan base, you will find them producing some excellent shots of acre chasers around Australia. This is a recent image we loved.

Followers: 1080

Handle: @australian_acres

Hashtag to be featured: #australian_acres

Australian Farming

If you’re looking for some heavy machinery with the odd livestock photo working the land, then this is the spot for you. Follow the lines in the cotton image below.

Followers: 10.7k

Handle: @australian_farming_

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Aus Farming Pix

From running through endless paddocks of crops to early morning frosts. With a hefty follower count, they have some great images from those working in Australia agriculture. Established in 2016.

Followers: 27k

Handle: @ausfarmingpix

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Australian Farming Photos

One account that showcases a diverse range of Australian agriculture landscape. With a modest following for little posts, they’re doing excellent in the big world of Instagram.

Followers: 27k

Handle: @australianfarmingphotos

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Young Australian Agriculture

A refreshing page made for younger “aggies”. They share images by reposting your image. This is excellent to give you greater awareness as you had created the piece of content and it will direct those who view and engage with the image to go towards your account.

Followers: 1,100

Handle: @youngaustralianagriculture

Australian Cowgirls

Australia offers a lot of diverse roles in agriculture and Australian Cowgirls captures this in the form of imagery on their Instagram. With a huge following, they share images of different cowgirls all in their own element. If you are a cowgirl or are looking for one! Give them a follow. A cracking image below that would give anyone the shits!

Followers: 39.4k

Handle: @australiancowgirls

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Thank A Farmer For Your Next Meal

One of the largest Instagram accounts out there for Australian agriculture. Thank A Farmer For Your Next Meal coined the hashtag #thankafarmerfournextmeal, which had inspired the younger generation of the agricultural community to share what they are up to so that we can close the gap from the city to the and country divide. showcasing where our food and fibre comes from.

Followers: 60.6k

Handle: @thankafarmforyournextmeal

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Dust N Diesel Australia

Dust N Diesel was born off the back of big rigs within agriculture. With everything from trucking grain to planting and our harvest season. You’ll be able to see a glimpse into Australian agriculture. With 1000’s of #dustndiesel hashtags they are able to capture their community’s images into one stream to re-produce on their own Instagram.

They have succeeded in offering value to their community and have now started a website that offers merchandise.

Followers: 42.2k

Handle: @dust.n.diesel

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The ability to create a free account on Instagram has allowed Australian agriculture to be showcased throughout different parts of Australia to allow further exposure of the different sectors of agriculture/agribusiness.

While we look at all of these accounts and what they do for Australian agriculture with over 209,000 followers altogether. It allows the exposure of the average Instagram followers of Australian agribusinesses can reach 31 million Instagram users.

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