Top 9 Weather Apps For Australian Farmers

Working in agriculture you will know all to well that we rely on the weather forecast to make a decision of what to do next. With many relying on the forecast to get through to the end of the year by receiving vital rain for the growing season. We have collect the top 9 weather forecasters for both mobile and web-based services.

windy weather app

Windy Weather App: Windy (also known as Windytv) is an extraordinary tool for weather forecast visualization. … The uniqueness of Windy lies in the fact that it brings you better quality information than the other weather apps‘ pro-features, while the product is absolutely free and even without ads. You can use this app on your mobile by downloading it or in the office.

willyweather app

WillyWeather App: WillyWeather is a feature-rich weather app that includes BoM radar and satellite, detailed wind, rain, tide, swell, and UV forecasts, as well as moon phases, and sunrise and sunset times. You can use this app on your mobile by downloading it or in the office.


Weatherzone: Australia’s favourite weather app, Weatherzone gives you access to detailed observations, 10-day forecasts, rain radar, BOM warnings, and much more. Using the Bureau of Meteorology forecasts, Weatherzone’s high-resolution Opticast model, and our meteorologists to produce accurate forecasts for Australia and the world. Web-based and a mobile-friendly app available.

elders weather app

Elders Weather App: Including over 2000 Australian locations, key international locations and gives you current, historical, and forecast weather information at the touch of a button. And, best of all it’s free! You can use this app on your mobile by downloading it or in the office. Web-based and a mobile-friendly app available.

YR weather app

YR Weather App: New Yr on iPhone and iPad is different from anything else you’ve seen in weather forecasting: Scroll through a beautiful and animated sky to see how the weather changes hourly, and get all the need-to-know details at the same time. And if there will be rainfall within the next 90 minutes we’ll let you know through our now-cast. You can use this app on your mobile by downloading it or in the office.

weatherbell analytics

WeatherBell Analytics: WeatherBELL Commercial provides industry-specific weather data and forecasting to help you anticipate and prepare for the effects of weather on your business. Factoring weather into your business is difficult but important. We are here to help you make more confident and informed decisions. Only on web-based.

Bureau of meteorology

BOM APP: The BOM Weather provides access to localised hourly and 7-day forecasts, radar and warnings – wherever you are – from Australia’s official weather source, the Bureau of Meteorology. A lot of the apps are based on the data fed by the BOM. You can use this app on your mobile by downloading it or in the office.


METEOLOGIX: The Meteologix is a web-based weather forecasting by providing your data sets in a visual layout. Search up to a 14-day forecast. You can upgrade your account to get the long-range forecast for up to 7 months. It probably isn’t worth it as it can change overnight. Only on web-based.

av weather

AV Weather: AV Weather equips you to make long-range decisions with confidence. Our 4-week and 9-month forecasts for your specific location mean you can prepare for any conditions well ahead of time. You can receive a free trial and upgrade to premium for $55 monthly. They have excellent testimonials from farmers that we know. Only on web-based.

If you are using a different weather forecaster to manage your own operation and predict what you can and can’t do please comment below and we can add it on to the list.

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