2019, the year of ending the drought

Well and truly down the road of 2019 as 2018 can be one that all parts of Aussie agriculture would rather forget. With the drought rolling around year on year for most parts of the country and a few spits of rain here and there that was soon to be soaked up by the sun. By now you should know that the drought doesn’t come and go within a few months, so its vital for you to adapt your ways to what best manages the landscape and possibly the day to day activities for your enterprise. With farmers urged to take care of their animals through the heat of the day and to not overwork them. With 2019 came the frustration of drought and communities looking for answers upstream as seen in the Menindee Lakes, well what wasn’t seen there anyway…water.

With the demand for water downstream greater through the drought, it can put pressure on those that utilise it for their own enterprise. With the Murray-Darling Basement authorities copping it from left, right and centre along with Cotton Australia. The ability to divide an industry is a lot easier than strengthening the different areas such as seen throughout the last few weeks with food production and fibre production.

For any facts & figures on the water usage

A lot of the water has become evaporated due to extreme temperatures the Menindee Lakes it can evaporate around 55% once spread throughout the lake. As a young kid that grew up along the Darling River, it was usually a race to see who could beat the current and get over to the other side, 10 years on we were accessing our property from the other side of the river knowing that we could drive across the clay pans on the other side.

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