The Last Straw With Mister Rye

Mister Rye Entrepreneurs Marion Vigot and Alexis Branlard

Meet Marion Vigot from Mister Rye for this week’s Farms Advice Podcast episode is episode 13th and really flying through them. Marion Vigot is a French ex-pat making waves in her niche part of the Australian agriculture industry. She moved to Australia in 2018 firstly for her own travels and then led to her to fulfill her ambitions to do “something meaningful for the planet”.She loves supporting other startups within her incubator and also with French Tech to be launched within Australia. This is a really good episode as we haven’t had another one like it. We love supporting products through our voice on the Farms Advice podcast and hope to so more further down the line.

The first harvest has been done as the farmers have donated the products as support of the producing the initial straws. Marion has an excellent idea when it comes to limiting the impact of our carbon footprint. Whilst tying in the farmers more by adding a new stream of income for the farmer and by bringing the manufacturing and screening of the rye straws.


A local alternative to plastic straws making a difference by reducing plastics within our restaurants.

10 million plastic straws are used in Australia every day. Marion wants the consumer to look for the right alternative and preferably one that supports local growers.

She has found certified organic farmers throughout South Australia that are able to supply her with the raw materials for her to then process them and manufacture them into what can then be used as a straw in your house or in a restaurant. The South Australian government has been discussing the law of banning single-use plastics that would make excellent timing for Mister Rye to push the straws into various sectors so that the take up of the product is well received.

Mister Rye Straws and the packaging


Challenges that they have is “green washing” within the industry and if customers and businesses actually know the full process of how the product made there way into their hands. With most of the products that we use being sourced from Asia. Marion discusses that we should be highlighting the whole process of how the products should be made and

Producing your product locally is going to have a positive impact on the environment and also the local economy. With production within regional Australia it will allow us to improve the opportunities that are available to those of us that live regionally.


They want to make 1 million rye drinking straws in their first year of production for 2020. With some recent rain around the country we really hope that they can achieve this goals. That would make up just 10% of Australia’s straw consumption in one day!

A different episode of what have done before but I definitely want to do more of these to showcase how businesses can work with growers and producers to find solutions to consumers and the environmental challenges. Contact us if you know of anyone and drop a comment below.

Find them on social media @misterrye or connect with Marion on LinkedIn

Looking to contribute your rye straw? Get in touch with Marion and the team to see how you can work together

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