How To Better Manage Your Livestock

Farms Advice Podcast talks with Jock Lawrence, the co-founder of Mobble, the livestock management software that wants to improve the way you document records for your livestock enterprise. In the early days, it began at home on the farm for Jock and his family as the brothers look to put their father’s facts and figures…

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Breeding For Success With Data

The Farms Advice Podcast sat down with ProBreed to see what they are up to and how they are doing it. We welcome Martin Clark to our list of podcast guests and see which direction he is taking the agribusiness to by getting the most of their genetics. With an excellent team whom Martin states…

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How To Make Technology Approachable In Agriculture

Like so many agribusiness owners or leaders we have talked to, they have come from a farming background. This week’s episode we have a jam-packed episode of 50+ minutes to hear from the CEO of AuctionsPlus Angus Street. We are incredibly grateful that he could join us as a podcast guest. Angus has jam-packed his…

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Weighing In with Optiweigh

The Farms Advice podcast caught up with Bill Mitchell. A farmer and innovator who has founded Optiweigh, an automated in-paddock weighing solution that can save time and money for farmers small and large. We dive into how it all started and how he was able to bring a product to market as a farmer. There is a lot…

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