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Applying Warren Buffetts 10 Rules For Success To Farming

Find Your Passion Finding your passion for agriculture comes quite easy for those who have been brought up in rule and remote areas. Most of us from the time that we are born have a passion or a focus that we want to direct ourselves. This can be working with the agriculture livestock industry, Broadacre…

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Landline Presenter Goes On To Farms Advice Podcast

It’s the Akubra hat that has graced your Sunday lunchtime since 2001 on the ABC Landline series. On episode 61 of the Farms Advice Podcast, we are joined by Pip Courtney has her and Jack Cresswell the host of the podcast dive behind the scenes of the carer of Pip. Her journey into agricultural journalism started from…

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Farmers Olympics 2020

Welcome to this year’s Farmers Olympics for 2020 as we were rained out it was postponed to be harvest in 2021. A lot of work has gone into this year’s program from the FOC (Farmers Olympic Committee). It’s a much-anticipated event and one that’s on all of the 319,000 workers in Australian agriculture. With teams…

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Farming for the future

#Farmsadvice: The average Australian farm is not only just a running business, but they are also hubs for communities, producing quality produce in every facet imaginable within the agricultural industry across the range of environments that Australia possess. We’re able to work from sun up to sundown, in the tool shed on a rainy day…

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