Where To Find A Harvest Job Across Australia

The time has come where we need an enormous amount of workers to get the crops off across all the 20,700-grain farms in Australia. This is just one section that needs workers such as the stone fruit season just about to kick off as well. Here we list all of the recruiting agencies that we…

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Applying Warren Buffetts 10 Rules For Success To Farming

Find Your Passion Finding your passion for agriculture comes quite easy for those who have been brought up in rule and remote areas. Most of us from the time that we are born have a passion or a focus that we want to direct ourselves. This can be working with the agriculture livestock industry, Broadacre…

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July Not So Dry On Farms Advice Podcast

This month we’ve had four cracking conversations with leaders, innovators and doers in the agricultural industry. This month we’ve had an episode from WA, NT, NSW and QLD. All talking about their niche of the industry and adding to the diversity of what agriculture brings to the table…quite literally. Episode 57 was Ryan Naughton who…

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Welding Lamb Cradles for Marking

A review of what happened in the week from Farms Advice Podcast host Jack Cresswell. Plenty of rain around and fixing those odd jobs up that need to be done for the upcoming spring and summer season. With plenty happening on the farm and on the Farms Advice Podcast there’s no time to spare! Make…

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