July Not So Dry On Farms Advice Podcast

This month we’ve had four cracking conversations with leaders, innovators and doers in the agricultural industry. This month we’ve had an episode from WA, NT, NSW and QLD. All talking about their niche of the industry and adding to the diversity of what agriculture brings to the table…quite literally. Episode 57 was Ryan Naughton who…

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How To Level Up As A Farmer

Looking to find the right course for you so that you can make better decisions on-farm? There’s a sh*t load of courses out there but finding the right one for you can be easier said than done. At Farms Advice we believe in offering all information to you for free so that you’re able to…

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What Is Agriculture In Your Own Words

Agriculture is the connection of tools and knowledge that enable us to provide crop and livestock products to consumers domestically and internationally. The interpretation is forever changing by location and accessibility to newer technologies. As the Farms Advice podcast develops we look to own the “agribusiness” space as this is the connection between agriculture and…

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What Careers Are In Agriculture?

The agriculture industry is in the middle of a revitalisation of how people perceive it from an employment perspective. It is a diverse industry that needs to employ nearly every role imaginable as the world continues to eat more protein daily and look for different alternatives as the population demands it. We have built a…

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