Smart Labelling Red Meat For Consumers & Producers

The Farms Advice Podcast welcomes Robert Mackenzie from Macka’s Beef to the show with everything agribusiness. With 4 generations of farming in their blood, they’re really making there mark on the industry. From 350 breeders into 3,000 in the last 10 years as they are focused on selling high-quality cattle into the Australian market from Woolworths and into the restocking market. 

NSW branded beef program's China focus leads to business with online retail  giant - Beef Central
Robert Mackenzie muster a few head on his property with his worker and son James.

But in the last 5 years, they’ve seen the need for Australia red meat overseas in particular in the Asian markets where they are seeking a “healthy, green and clean image”. Listen and share with your friends, family, colleagues, and your mob of cows to show them what’s on the way in the red meat industry.

The Chinese market has had major shifts in the economy with the middle class growing by the second and that then leads to the consumers chasing higher quality in what we consume and learning about the story of how their product, ascertaining the provenance of know the history of your food.

The rise of food fraud is a $65 billion each year and Robert is shaping how we can better defend against the fraudsters. With the developed countries providing higher quality the producers, consumers, and processing facilities suffer.

Smart labelling for consumer confidence offers two-factor authentication via a QR Code that clarifies with an online cloud that checks certain points that the product as actually the real thing. A vision to be used for every product further down the line.

Four factors that go into Macka’s Beef genetic selection

  • Selecting great mothers
  • Fast growth
  • A good supply of milk from the females
  • Aesthetics: Good structure, looked soft and shining
  • Top weighted heifers

Listen to the podcast episode here and many more

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The Farms Advice podcast for episode 23 with myself jack Cresswell. Today on the show we have Stuart Austin, he’s in the driver's seat of Wilmot Cattle Co. From past experiences in the NT and Canada, he looked to get started into running a holistic enterprise. He’s got a thorough understanding of the business operations from his education at Marcus Oldham by setting 5-year goals for the company/ reporting the performances regularly. Stuart is an advocate for what the impact of working on your agribusiness as opposed to working in your business can have on your core operations. Please share this podcast to help us reach the 135,000 farming agribusinesses across Australia. Farms Advice features a new episode every WEEK talking with the leaders of the industry. By having a transparent approach we are able to reveal the techniques and skill sets so that can help YOU improve your own agribusiness. Leave some feedback so that we can improve how we do agribusiness in Australia What should we talk about next? Please let us know in the comments below Did you enjoy this episode? If so, please leave a short review. Connect with Farms Advice: FA Twitter, FA LinkedIn, FA Facebook Connect with the host Jack Cresswell — Send in a voice message:
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