Podcasts To Grow Your Agribusiness

Finding the right podcast to listen to isn’t the easiest so we made a list of seven that will provide valuable content to help YOU as a farmer built better frameworks to grow your production, business, and community. As a great medium for listening on the go, you can listen to the industry leaders discuss the challenges and opportunities coming into 2021 and onwards.

Propagate Podcast

Ran by DPI NSW they go in and tell the stories of young farmers that are starting out or have been in the industry all their life. Taking the steps through how you run the business and how it started from financing the first season of farming may it be livestock, cropping, horticulture, or aquaculture ponds. They’re on their third series so a bit to chew through on your next tractor ride, 26 episodes, and counting.

Find the balance between business, family, and technology

Farm Owners Academy

Work smarter, not harder with the crew from Farm Owners Academy with the host Jeremy Hutchings. Listen to business tips to leverage your farm business. They also dive into the psychology of farming and how it can be used for the better. Know what your true goals are and defining them will enhance your business. Make sure you add this one to your list.

RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness Australia/New Zealand

A leading bank within the Australian agriculture industry they’ve pulled in all of their insights into agriculture, find out the latest research findings and developments from Rabobank. Led by Tim Hunt the head of RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness for Australia and NZ. With 369 episodes and counting, they’ve had since launching 2018.

Mastermind Interviews by KLR Marketing

An agricultural podcast ran by KLR Marketing team. The podcast having 41 episodes talking about all things agricultural practices and how you can market your livestock from buying sand selling. This ad hoc styled podcast brings a lot to the table. From coping with drought and disaster to buying livestock in a rising market.

Agtech So What? by AgThentic

Ran by Sarah Nolet as the host connecting the agtech industry and providing a voice to those in the industry. In each episode, you get insights from innovators at the intersection of agriculture and technology. Great for farmers and all roles involved within the production supply chain of our homegrown food.

Listen to Sarah Nolet on the Farms Advice Podcast to see what she is doing for the agtech industry.

The Yarn

Connecting wool as a commodity to the end-user right through the supply chain. Wool plays a very important role as a natural fibre that is produced to the highest of standards by Australian farmers and New Zealand farmers. Talking with wool growers, manufacturers, designers that all work with the fibre across the supply chain.

Farms Advice Podcast

Farms Advice Podcast is our podcast where we discuss everything agribusiness. We saw a gap in connecting the different sectors and passing on information and knowledge on a transparent platform. From farmers to CEO”s of the latest agtech firms we look to be as diverse as the industry we work in. Make sure you pencil in some time to listen to the 57 episodes with the industry leaders.

Do you know of a podcast that should be added to the list? We want to create a transparent industry so we don’t mind sharing other podcasts that want to help build Australian agribusinesses.

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