Turning Crop By-Products Into Straws | Marion Vigot | Farms Advice Podcast

Farms Advice Podcast
Farms Advice Podcast
Turning Crop By-Products Into Straws | Marion Vigot | Farms Advice Podcast

Meet Marion Vigot from Mister Rye for this week’s Farms Advice Podcast episode is episode 13th and really flying through them. Marion Vigot is a French ex-pat making waves in her niche part of the Australian agriculture industry. She moved to Australia in 2018 firstly for her own travels and then led to her to fulfill her ambitions to do “something meaningful for the planet”. 

Mister Rye has incorporated farmers into their business of making the Australian alternative to the plastic straw. With 10 million plastic straws consumed in just one day in Australia Marion wants to make a dent in this with her environmentally-friendly straw products. Aiming for 1 million straws in the first year. Please share with your family, friends, and colleagues.

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