Overcoming Adoption Barriers for Agtech Companies | Farmers2Founders

Farms Advice Podcast
Farms Advice Podcast
Overcoming Adoption Barriers for Agtech Companies | Farmers2Founders

Farmers2Founders series where we dive into the adoption of agtech from the perspective of an Australian agtech startup who had seek support through the F2F programs. In this episode, we will speak with Matt Anderson, who manages the agritech projects at F2F, about the various adoption challenges we are seeing play out in the industry for agtech companies, as well as Jennifer McKee who is the founder of agtech company called Spades, a digital tool to streamline farmers records management and compliance. Adoption is typically perceived to be a farmer’s problem as they are reluctant to take on new ideas, practices and technology. However, F2F flips this argument on its head, believing that agtech companies also play a critical role in the adoption process and are often poor at demonstrating the value of their product or service for farming businesses, and being able to justify their cost / benefit of that solution.

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