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We’re building a platform where those who FARM it, SERVICE or just love it can come to as a reference point for new information. By having the leaders and innovators on the podcast we will be able to pass on the knowledge learnt by others experiences and education over the years. We, in agriculture face a gap of information from generation to generation without even thinking about it.

Example: A retiring farmer sells his farm of 25,000 acres which they ran cattle, sheep and cropping for feed and selling on. He ends up selling to a new entrant into the region or farming in general. Where does the knowledge go? It’s with the retiree. They don’t have the time to or funds to coach the buyer through it all. As we should buy within areas we know it’s becoming less common. The buyer will have to learn the same fate of his parcel of land, but there must be a better way.

This is our ‘WHY’ for continuing the weekly podcast for others out there that are interested in what we want to know as a farmer led podcast. We’re partnering up with leading agribusinesses and organisations that have their hands on the pulse and are taking the industry further.

Please go and support those who have given value to the Farms Advice Podcast.

Grain Producers Australia is partnering with the Farms Advice Podcast through a series of episodes diving into what drives and pushes grain producers across Australia.

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Byfields business advisers was the first “agribusiness” to see value in the Farms Advice Podcast. They run the Beyond The Tax Return series with their in office experts in accounting and operations of farm operations across Western Australia.

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Agworlds agtech is changing the way farmers work in Australia and globally. This series will bring you the insights of horticultural operations across Australia and you’ll hear from the CEO.

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If you interested in partnering with the Farms Advice Podcast please send an email to hello@farmsadvice.com.au

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