New Years Resolution For Farmers

Have some questions for the 2020 future of agribusiness in Australia? 2019 was the first year of Farms Advice, we seek to provide information and news that others don’t specialise in the industry. With news taken from around the country and the database of techniques to help you with improving your agribusiness over time. New years mean that there are new beginnings, opinions, and outlooks ahead.

Use the start of 2020 to evaluate the future of farming. 

  • How long do you want to keep running the farm?
  • Is there a succession plan for your agribusiness?
  • How involved do any children want to be? Do you have a target to hit?
  • Why haven’t I hit it? Other farms are performing better, how can I improve?
  • Can I diversify my farm and how do I do it?
  • How much money do I need to make to be above board in a drought?
  • Should I de-stock before a drought?
  • When do I prepare for the drought ending?

Agribusiness across Australia has been a testing time for farmers looking for when the next drop of rainfall will come that will settle more than dust, but also replenish the feed they rely on so much to get by but also to develop their productions, whether it be a berry farmer or exporting quality straw how are you. are a tight-knit group and can rely on one another for support. Here Farmsadvice will run through some resolutions you can adopt for the coming year of working within the Australian agriculture industry no matter which sector you may work in.

Become an active farmer

Becoming an active member of your farming community whether it’s engaging with your neighbours to seek new or old farming practices, joining in on the event that your local supplier has put on if it’s close enough for you. Step out of your own environment will allow you to see how others are coping and you might even pick up a new idea to help make your life working the land a little easier. 

Farmers Markets in 2020

Farmer’s markets across the country are a great spot to meet with the end consumer but also with those looking to broaden their agribusiness horizon. If you work within fresh produce or are looking to diversify your agribusiness this is a great spot to look. With ideas of using the coffee grounds of cafes to use as potential fertiliser for personal use or even commercial. The more the Australian agricultural industry experiments with different materials and how it can work across industries will go a long way to helping our Aussie ag grow!

Agribusiness and technology in 2020

Technology is becoming the core of the Aussie agricultural landscape. With hundreds of apps, the growing popularity of drones for functional use on-farm and agribusiness employees and other innovations that have yet to be introduced. The easy part has been done but the hardest is getting the adoption through the industry. With farmers hesitant until they see the product in use and actually providing a use that they will be able to implement without the headache of dealing with broken technology or tech that just sits dormant in the shed until someone sees a use for it.

Start your own story in agribusiness

Start the conversation for your own brand. With most of your end consumers to be online looking for new products on the market, they will either critique it or compliment it with a startling review. Both are excellent suggestions for how your product would perform on the market. As consumers are more conscious about where their food comes from as they look for a sustainable source that relates to their food needs. Take the time to engage with the public through social media or other avenues can open the lines of communication and help consumers understand their food is being produced safely and with the health of the environment in mind. After all, we have the highest standards of food production across the world!

Reduce, re-use or lease out!

Take a look at your assets, be it machinery or software. Does it give you a return for your money? Will it depreciate in value more than 20% a year? Look for value in your assets and if it’s not in use look to sell or even lease your equipment. As far as agribusiness goes it’s an industry that will become open to hiring machinery and never by equipment in a matter of years or decades, again it’s the adoption that slows the process.

Use the new year to take an inventory of the safety measures on your farm and decide if any more steps need to be taken. If it’s not safe, it’s not worth it. Extra light on a shed, a latch on a gate or a small section of fence can go a long way in keeping everyone and every animal on the farm safe.

Innovation is there waiting for you to use it. Whether it’s planting a different seed variety, using another form of technology or planting a completely different crop, use the beginning of a new year to research experimenting on the farm. Some things may work, some things may not.

If you don’t try you can not succeed

Make 2020 the year to use social media platforms and other means to become an #agvocate and tell the real stories behind agriculture. With so much information on the internet, it’s a great way for agriculture to cut through with authentic stories. Other ways to become an #agvocate can include joining the National Farmers Federation or your local state Farmers associations to seek and speak to other farmers and careers alike about your enterprise.

Social media for agribusiness in 2020

Social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn can be a great way to view what others are doing in your sector such as livestock and to also see what techniques and technologies those are using in cross sectors such as pasture seed producers if you are lacking feed all year round you could implement some of their ideas. and guess what? That idea was for free via social media! Keep track of the latest market trends and breaking news via Farms Advice. Access it on a desktop or on your phone.

Set goals for your enterprise in 2020

Most of all in 2020, set some goals for your agribusiness and to ensure that you are winning the game make sure everyone in your team is hitting weekly objectives to build up to monthly or quarterly goals.

Experiment for yourself

Create experiments that don’t touch exceed a small budget. The risk is in the reward.

Happy New Year to all of our readers, we hope to bring you more in 2020 and beyond. If you would like to be a part of Farms Advice just sent us a message as we are doing this for the love of Australian agriculture and its true potential!

Tell someone your goals and then you can be held accountable this time next year. We can’t wait to see what 2020 brings for agriculture. Hopefully a little bit of rain and some stability. Enjoy!


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