How Public Relations Can Improve Your Exposure In Agribusiness

The Farms Advice Podcast had the chance to talk to Georgie Robertson from Regional PR. It’s not often you can fit on to the schedule of a media guru. It was excellent to see inside of how the work of media, PR, and communications works within regional Australia. We dive into how she starting Regional PR in Wagga Wagga, NSW, and what drives her. The impact of covid19 and how the daily business has actually improved.

Georgie Robertson from Regional PR

She has made a career out of finding the audience for her clients throughout regional Australia. She has worked for some amazing clients and smashing their goals. They were able to nab 247 links for the launch of EvokeAg and its inaugural year. During EvokeAg she was busy interviewing every 20 minutes, the hard work never stops within the media industry.

How can PR help agribusinesses?

  • Have something meaningful to say to your audience. A story that resonates with the current conditions or relating to the current media stories.
  • Opportunity/project to be launched into the wide agribusiness world.
  • Social proofing your agribusiness by putting showcasing yourself as a personable company that is willing to get out there and make a difference within Australian agriculture systems.
  • Digital storytelling: Use social media to amplify your reach and let your right audience find you.

The importance of storytelling in agriculture

Story Telling within agribusiness is important as we continue to educate others on how their food and fibre are made and how it is made. Georgie has had the opportunity to work with some of the largest campaigns and those most recognisable are Buyfromthebush starting in 2019 & Stayinthebush 2020. A real game-changer for regional areas that were experiencing severe drought. Now they have gone through drought, a pandemic and few have experienced severe bushfires.

We asked Georgie why the Buy From the Bush campaign was so successful, she said it came down to three elements:

  • The SIMPLE IDEA of joining hundreds of businesses together through a simple #hashtag
  • BEAUTIFULLY CURATED social media channels that would put the tail between the legs of longterm retails outlets.
  • BEAUTIFUL PRODUCTS that had a purpose for homes of Australians and those abroad.
Georgie Robertson reading her morning news updates

She wraps up on how you can get into media, PR, and communications within regional Australia.

“If you don’t love it you won’t get the story across…”

You really have to be passionate about what you are writing about and see how it can benefit others who will read your material. It was fantastic to catch up with Georgie as I have watched on from afar of her skills of promoting regional businesses through the fine art of natural writing. She has really done a lot for regional Australia in changing the image of how we can attract the best minds and the benefits of living and working in regional areas. We can’t wait to see what her next project is and we will catch up further down the line.

We had a great time talking with Georgie on the podcast and look forward to seeing what her next projects are. Listen to the Farms Advice Podcast on your podcast preferred platform.

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