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The very first episode of Farms Advice Agribusiness Podcast we talk with a good mate and see how everything is going within his family’s beef operation, Macka’s Beef. Coming from a hard-working family they are making further opportunities for their enterprise through exporting their beef to China and also starting up their beef jerky by selling direct and to certain stores around the Newcastle NSW region.

James had completed a double degree of B.A. Agriculture and Business at the University of New England as this is where we had both met each other. With hard work driven into him at a young age he ducked back home nearly every weekend during university to help out the lamb or continue bagging chicken manure for locals through the Newcastle region.

As a younger person in agriculture, it is excellent to see how we all adapt to our environments. In this episode, we speak with James about technology, and his own personal experiences of working in agriculture at home. 

Listen to his podcast here:

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Macka’s Beef

Raspberry Pi


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