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Farms Advice host Jack Cresswell speaks with James Brouff on the 5th episode of the inaugural year of the podcast. James spills all about his personal story of how he got to where he is today within banking and finance in the agribusiness sector and how you can too. Interestingly, he has continued his studies through his working life to continually improve his position and add to the knowledge bank which is fantastic to see for a young person coming through the ranks. It is important to remember that it is not a set and forget fix when it comes to learning in agribusiness and that you will need to scrub up on your knowledge every now and then. He has been able to use his networks to grow professionally and to mold his way of leadership as part of a team at the Regional Investment Corporation. It was excellent speaking to another farmer gone corporate to see him making waves within his own niche. 

It isn’t easy to get to where he is today and is important to point out how he got there to others who may be thinking of jumping into the deep end of the banking and finance world of Australian agribusiness. James is a modest man and holds himself within his role as a Senior Credit Manager. The importance of farmers to be able to relate to someone like James goes a long way when speaking about finance. If you are off the farm or working within agribusiness it is important that you are a part of the finance and the “books” so that you are able to stay on top of it. 

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Momentum Agriculture is James’s side hustle which he is a founding partner with Ben MacIntosh. It was established to help farmers to get their commodity to market by aggregating supply through personal farmer-buyer relationships, and facilitating export for customers internationally.

With an innovative approach to business, they will go a long way in helping connect farmers to markets so that farmers can continue producing high-quality products for the rest of the world’s consumers to enjoy. Take a look at the website and get in touch if you would like to learn how they can help you.

With a lot of people working in agriculture it is excellent that we are able to make a living from the land and what it can produce. But with the right guidance you will be able to prosper into the future by ensuring that you have mitigated the risks of which you are open to within agribusiness. As James states “risk is relative”.

We thank James for his time for speaking on the Farms Advice Agribusiness Podcast and hopefully, we can catch him further on down the line.


Regional Investment Corporation

UNE Smart Regional Incubator

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