July Not So Dry On Farms Advice Podcast

This month we’ve had four cracking conversations with leaders, innovators and doers in the agricultural industry. This month we’ve had an episode from WA, NT, NSW and QLD. All talking about their niche of the industry and adding to the diversity of what agriculture brings to the table…quite literally.

Episode 57 was Ryan Naughton who has his own piece of land but also to make this all work he works with the team at Byfields and lucky for us he came on to showcase his skills in Estate Planning and organising your Will as an employee to agriculture. It’s never too early to get started and he’ll tell you just that. A few things to think about through the episode in this one. All part of the #BeyondTheTaxReturn series that we’ve linked up with the experts as a Farms Advice Sponsor of the series.

In episode 56 we drove up to Darwin in terms of airwaves to talk to the go-getter Mic Jakobi who is wanting to add some flavour to NT cropping systems by introducing new varieties of plants to the NT and also looking for new ways to nurture, retain and attract a young workforce to his enterprise and his neighbours and further afield to the not so heard of NT broadacre cropping. The horticulture side also needing more than a plug to fix the gap in labour to get the food off-farm and into the pantry of Aussie and foreign houses. Don’t miss it!

Episode 55 we went to the beautiful Yeppoon in sunny QLD where George Stacey brought us into how working with a holistic approach to your grazing and farming management can really enhance how you operate your farm. Working with RCS he’s helping those gain the extra soft skills it takes to run a successful enterprise that can be sustainable well into the future.

In Episode 54 we were delighted to be joined by Sarah Nolet who you may well know that she runs her own Agtech…So What? Podcast. The well-spoken leader of agtech is driving the technology and how it’s connected to farmers in each and every way through her day. We’re lucky to have her in our corner of Australian agriculture.

Tell us which episode you enjoyed or what you got from it. Pass on the Farms Advice to help other farmers reach their potential.

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