Gathering ideas for Australian Agriculture at ARGITECHNICA

Have you heard of Agritechina? It is well renowned for being the leading trade fair for agricultural machinery world-wide. For innovative products launching onto the market or to find the trusted brand you’ve relied on for so many years.

Now, for years and even generation farmers have been know to stick to their guns and continue with their colour whether it is a John Deere, Case IH or Claas. You can see that the colour has little impact these days as products are all innovating to improve the overall output by each machine. With the Australia market it seemed to be that the bigger machine the better it was from 20ft fronts to everyone running 40ft as their standard when running over a few crops.

These events are an excellent way to see what is new to market and what we can expect to see within Australia within the coming months if not already. With the different climate within Australia the machinery can be put its limits as we’re a hot, dry and dusty climate and that’s without the current drought conditions.

Awards for a wide range of categories:

  1. Tractors, mobile loading equipment, transport technology
  2. Machinery an equipment for tillage and seedbed preparation
  3. Machinery and equipment for drilling and sowing
  4. Machinery and equipment for fertilising
  5. Machinery and equipment for plant protection
  6. Machinery equipment for irrigation and drainage
  7. Machinery and equipment for combining
  8. Machinery and equipment for lifting (potatoes, beets)
  9. Machinery and equipment for chopping, mowing, conditioning.
  10. Post Harvest technology
  11. Machinery for fruit and vegetables
  12. Machinery for forest Management
  13. Digital Systems.

With Previous entries in the award categories only one could come away with the gold medal over 39 other silver medalists. The winner was John Deere Walldorf GmbH & Co. KG. Set to overhaul the way a tractor operates with a new electro-mechanical power split gearbox. Take a look here for more information

If you could change one thing on your place, what would it be? Introduce a data-led decision making, or to improve your feeding rates with automated feed containers?

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