How to use Twitter for your agribusiness

Looking for the right social media platform for your agribusiness, and not sure which one is for you? With how far marketing has come it is easy to get lost in the jungle of social media platforms. We will discuss each platform individually to give you the tools and know-how to use Twitter to the best of its ability within Australian agriculture.

  • Twitter knows what has gone on in the centre of town before anyone can even react. Its instant awareness can be excellent for agricultural businesses when looking to create brand awareness.
  • Instead of shouting at your neighbour you can now use Twitter to notify 100’s if not 1000’s of people of your agribusiness if done correctly.

Brand your profile to notify visitors of what you do and the message you are wanting to convey to your target audience. Farms Advice has provided all sections of the agriculture industry we look to apply a diverse range of content from livestock, cropping to aquaculture within the cover image. Through this, we look to increase the use of new techniques and share knowledge throughout the different industry sectors. Twitter acts as an excellent platform for Farms Advice to help through little snippets of advice posted on most days.

  • Add your branding to your images and insert your company logo in order for others to know who it may be interacting with them or their community instantly.
  • Add a Twitter bio that best explains your existence in 160 characters or less. Always provided a call-to-action within your profile, whether to your website or to pieces of content you have so that you can generate… 1. Brand Awareness and 2. Generate leads for your agribusiness. As agriculture is a more traditional industry than others it can work in our favour, with farmers and those within the industry are likely to be highly engaged and not afraid to comment.

2 social media tools to help you with Twitter:

  1. Canva and agriculture: Creating content for your agribusiness has never been so easy. Making your images with Canva will dramatically improve your look to the target audience without the hassle. They’re free and paid for versions but I am sure you can do it all on a free version for now. Trial different designs to see what suits yourself and to see what the engagement is like. You can always inspect to see what the competitors are doing in their own schedules.
  2. Hootsuite and agriculture: Schedule your posts across the month so that you can maximise your output in a shorter period of time. Making sure that your social media posts are getting to your audience at the right time and within the correct format. Twitter performs best with 1200 X 675 pixels will perform best.

Most of all, jump in and get started. You learn a lot along the way!

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