How To Reduce Water Use and Improve Wine Quality | Daniel Fischl

Farms Advice Podcast
Farms Advice Podcast
How To Reduce Water Use and Improve Wine Quality | Daniel Fischl

G’day farmers, welcome to this weeks episode where we dive into agtech within vineyards but with all the similar concepts and values of broadacre and livestock farmers. We have Daniel Fischl on from Padardis, which is a new agritech company derived from years of research in the lab and now more so in the vineyards. Daniel is fighting a much needed problem within viticulture and how vineyards can save time, costs and preserve their flavours by utilising their toolkit on their own enterprise. 

With a cracking example in this episode we find out that the amount of watering either increase or decrease can dramatically impact the flavour, taste and value of the wine on offer from the vines. Keen to know more about Padardis or even Eartrumpet Consulting? Hit the links below to get all of the flavours.

Linnaea Vineyards

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