How To Network In Agribusiness

The latest podcast episode with James Brouff we spoke about the importance of networking and how it can increase your chances of getting where you want. Working in agriculture it is easy to form a relationship with whomever it might be as we rely on the entire supply chain to have effective communication so that we can ensure that the raw commodity is in prime condition and ready for the market place. Make sure you have something to provide for them prior to reaching out and you can give a little and take a little. You might even pick up a mentor or two…

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How to network on digital platforms

Digital platforms can help to bridge distances, and social media is proving a powerful tool for connecting women in agribusiness with similar goals or constraints. 

How to use LinkedIn for networking

The power of LinkedIn enables us to connect with others working within the industry. It doesn’t matter if you’re a farmer looking to connect with a new supplier or looking for backed data for you to change up your routine. It is very easy to connect to 2nd connections as they are just outside of your network and you are able to send a connection request.

At this stage, when you have tracked down who you would like to connect with it will ask if you want to add a note for a person to see before they accept or decline (yes it can happen). And, yes you definitely want to add a note of what you are after or why you would like to connect.

What to write as a LinkedIn note

“Hi _____, I came across your recent story in the land newspaper and thought it would be excellent to connect. I am currently looking for a new role and would be interested to hear about the opportunities at _____. Kind regards, _____”

A LinkedIn message inbound from Elliot who wanted to connect because we worked in the same industry

Comment on articles that you HAVE ACTUALLY READ!! I can’t stress this enough. If someone writes a post and you have not read it at all it will make you look like a fool. Commenting on a post allows others to see that you are quite vocal and approachable and you will more than likely attract someone over to your profile.

LinkedIn is a great spot to search for job opportunities within Australian agribusiness as it is a professional platform with endless amounts of marketing material to help you get there. It can offer outreach for companies wanting to connect with those who they may benefit from which is an excellent way to go about it.

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How to use Twitter for networking

Twitter is a powerhouse for Australian agriculture and specifically farmers who want to find out a piece of information at a rapid pace. The ability for someone to see your tweet within 2 seconds is no minor feat. It is a place for the agribusiness community to voice their opinions, find out the important information from those within the industry and to see what your neighbour get up to.

See how different people engage with Twitter content

As farmers, we love to show the improvements when we get it right and are happy to share the information across. Use the platform to get started and connect with those that you would like to receive updates from. If we know that others are quite vocal on Twitter than it is more likely that you will get everyone joining in on the conversation.

How to use email for networking

A traditional industry compared to the rest as they have become digitised before agriculture has needed to. Now that consumer’s demands are being met we are needing to adopt different digital platforms to demonstrate where the food and fibre come from and how it gets there.

Email has been a long standing platform and offers unique personalisation to the recipient that you’re sending to. Once the email has been sent then you are able to locate the information again unlike social media it is not as easy to track down. If you’re are wanting to send an email you will need to make sure you have all of the recipients details correct, as a name stuff up will put you on the back foot. We do this daily with the podcast to have speakers on the show so it really pays off when you have it down to a fine art.

Create email templates for different segments of your audience if you like, split the two into farmers and agribusinesses as we have done. It allows us to target farmers on a personal note as we are farmers as well we want to hold the trust and provide value within the first email.

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How to network at agribusiness events

Agriculture events are big within Australia and are an important aspect for those to showcase what they have been working so hard on throughout the year. With 99% of the work all behind the scenes the 1% plays an important part for agribusinesses. Connecting with new people within the same industry or who is a potential client is the core focus of agriculture events. You can witness this take place at AgQuip or Henty Field Days. By being present on the day means that you are opened up to opportunities to allow you to access a new market.

If you’re a young up and comer in agriculture get to these shows and start talking to agribusinesses that you would like to work for or just ask questions. We all start somewhere and if you are proactive in your approach then you should be highly sought after. Due to the current conditions of the global pandemic the options for agricultural events are slim so head on line and scout out who you want to connect with.

I hope that you are able to use this to give you the confidence you need to reach out to someone in the near future. If you would like to connect please do so on Twitter or LinkedIn. You might send 100 messages and only receive 5 back, the power of those 5 though is where you see the value. Don’t be knocked back just because someone hasn’t responded, get up and go again.

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