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Farms Advice asked Emma Ayliffe about her experience within Australian agriculture and how she has taken it upon herself to improve the agriculture around her area. See how Emma has created excellent opportunities within the agricultural consulting and the direction she is taking out in Griffith, NSW.

Emma Ayliffe, I am a consultant, researcher, and Co-Director at Summit Ag Agricultural Consulting based in the Riverina and Central West of NSW. I am also a dryland farmer owning a small farm in the central west which allows me to practice what I preach.

If there were one thing you would change about agriculture what would you change & why?

If I could change one thing in agriculture it is the relationship between different sectors. We are such a small industry and in fighting based on what you produce is so detrimental to our reputation as if we can’t even get along as an industry how is the wise public meant to believe in us. Getting agriculture to work together to create a better future is what is needed as well as some respect when we do disagree.

What do you see being the biggest thing to come to ag in the next 5 years?

The next 5 years I think the biggest change will be in the technology we have. Whether that is on farm for monitoring and managing, data collection and big data processing for decisions, new weed control tool, right through to track and trace of operations and produce to allow consumer confidence in what we do.

I think the biggest rush to what we do is our social licence to operate as we have more and more pressure from consumers to be world leaders which we are. Bridging that divide between consumers and producers is critical. I am part of a program called young farming champs that focuses on exactly that. We need to empower the younger generation to be able to go and tell the good news stories so that people beyond the farm gate can see and appreciate what goes into the food and fibre they rely on every day.

If you would like to share your voice in agriculture please get in touch.

It is excellent to see how others are working with agriculture across Australia in different segments and how we can collaborate to improve our daily processes. If you want to dive deeper into your industry or you would like to find out more across Australian agriculture.

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