How To Make Technology Approachable In Agriculture

Like so many agribusiness owners or leaders we have talked to, they have come from a farming background. This week’s episode we have a jam-packed episode of 50+ minutes to hear from the CEO of AuctionsPlus Angus Street. We are incredibly grateful that he could join us as a podcast guest. Angus has jam-packed his career with experiences across the globe but always knew he wanted to stay connected to agriculture. The importance of gaining outside experience and to bring it into agriculture allows us to see another industry and how they get it done.

Angus had a really interesting career path with funding his own businesses to finding love and then needing to run away to Asia for work opportunities. He discusses how he was burnt out from starting his own business and decided that he needed to sell out his share of the company.

The former CEO of AuctionsPlus asking him if he was interested to take up the National Sales and Marketing Manager role for AuctionsPlus. Fast forward one year and a bit he has taken on the role of CEO. Angus is all for technology and wants to make agriculture a place for tech-heads to come together.

AuctionsPlus is a well-known technology company that assists livestock producers right across Australia. With both buyers able to trust that the livestock is quality tested through individual accessors from across 100 data points. From the specific criteria that you have for your enterprise you will be able to select from genetics, feed they have been on, weaning and handling processes, breed specifics, weight, fat scores, and 93 more data points after.

From the seller’s side of the platform, you are able to access a wider reach of Australian producers looking for restockers or livestock processers wanting to fulfill their demands for domestic and export products.

AuctionsPlus online services for the paddock

How can it improve your outlook during the drought?

With the season breaking it allows buyers to see a wide variety of livestock. With competition playing a big part of the auction allowing producers to take a better price home. He mentioned they’ve doubled their buyers registered on the platform across differing sale groups.

The current climate both financially and environmental always has it’s fluctuation but with the add services of AuctionsPlus it can allow farmers to access a large pot of buyers during the harder times.

Angus has an amazing way of thinking when it comes to operating businesses. You can’t just rely on facebook ads to buy your livestock in agriculture you really just need to sit down and have the chat with the farmers on a face-to-face value. The shift towards a digital future with agriculture is a slow burner. But if we are able to show value towards the industry and how technology can aid in their processes by saving time and money but also providing new avenues for farmers to access different markets.

Assessors: Audited annually and benchmarked to ensure that the buyers and sellers are able to receive the best service for their dollar. Angus doesn’t shy away from culling accessors from the program as the article needs to be sold and bought with the specifications that are written beside it.

Things in the pipeline for AuctionsPlus

Angus said the most important thing is to not blow the system up and to move at a pace that buyers and sellers are ready to move with. Stepping the processes out to ensure the product is A+ for users of all kinds. Making sure the short term is filled with new ideas and building on the solid outlook for a long term.

  • 360-degree videos
  • Improved imagery
  • User profiles
  • Data sharing / Data decision tools
  • Buyer tools
  • Improved website
  • Equine and dairy industry

What is Angus curious about in agriculture?

  • Data Analysis and visualisation: All agribusinesses (farms) are collecting data at some stage of production. Angus’s dad collects it but uses it in “rudimentary” ways. If we are able to use it to improve our processes to improve our livestock and benchmark it against others.
  • Traceability of our commodities: By using the data we have collected we will be able to use this to ensure traceability to our produce in both grains and meat products.

Collaboration is the fastest way to success

Who he would like to hear from on Farms Advice:

Major retailers such as Woolworths, Coles and IGA and how they value data and the production of providence data.

I had a great time listening to how Angus works and what his core values are. His experience is something else and it has built himself excellent foundations for him to push AuctionsPlus of where it needs to be. It’s exciting to talk with ambitious individuals and see where we can take agriculture. Let’s keep on digging to find

A great quote that the AuctionPlus team uses “You look long but you play short”.

You can contact Angus via his email at the end of the podcast or contact the team in the office.

Listen to the Angus Street episode here and many more.

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