How To Level Up As A Farmer

Looking to find the right course for you so that you can make better decisions on-farm? There’s a sh*t load of courses out there but finding the right one for you can be easier said than done. At Farms Advice we believe in offering all information to you for free so that you’re able to access the tools and knowledge to improve your own agribusiness. We’ll do the searching for you and get you performing for your family and farm. They’re in no particular order.

Why would you do a course? Courses are a great way to learn new techniques and ideas but also about what motivates you to improve and what is YOUR true north. Get moving towards your goals and find that you can do much more when you work on the tasks that matter.

Farm Owners Academy

The Farm Owners Academy is for farmers that want to work smarter and not harder. Started by Andrew Roberts who hails from Uralla in the New England region of NSW. He had always thought that if you’re to get ahead you need to be working ON the business and not always IN the business. If we work all of our lives busting our arse to get to the end and realise that we haven’t set out a clear plan or an end/exit goal for when the day of retirement or slowing down begins.

They also run the Profitable Farmer Podcast and are a solid listen to finding a way to make a profitable farm enterprise for you and your family. With 135,000 families working in agriculture, it’s a great way to get ahead and start working smarter.

Courses by Farm Owners Academy


With over 23 courses available for the picking you’ll be able to up-skill your workers or jump on a course yourself as an owner and/or manager. The Certificate III in Rural Operations is a great one to get a larger picture of your operations and how you can best run an enterprise.

RCS – Farming and Grazing for Profit School

A popular framework for your farm which looks at your production, ecosystem, and business. The longest running business school for agriculture. Empowering individuls, families, corporates and government groups to grow productive, profitable agricultural businesses with regenerative landscapes. By taking it all into play as RCS does it’s an important way to look at how we manage our enertpridses, either livestock or cropping. there are ways that we can improve our outcomes and raise our profits in a sustainable manner.

Courses by RCS

Farming and Grazing for Profit School

Young Farmers Business Programme

The Young Farmers Business Program is designed for those working within farming and fishing businesses between the ages of 18 to 35 years old. Focusing on NSW as it is led by the DPI of NSW.

If you have a conference near you we highly recommend visiting it and taking part. As good as the show is the networking benefits are even better.. As young farmers we can become isolated in our place of work and connecting with others around the same age allows you to make new mates and also see what others are doing. They also run workshops that are hands-on to get bank savy, bank-ready, and looking at becoming profitable.

Listen to the RCS Farms Advice Podcast episode with project officer George Stacey.

Courses by YFBP

1:1 Coaching – 12-month program

Do you know of a farming course that will upskill and add value into the current enterprises across Australian farms? Let us know below in the comments or send us a message on socials at Twitter or Instagram.

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