How to go broke farming

1927 farming advice

How can you improve your farming operations? With so many telling you this is the right way, that is the wrong way it can easily left behind by not doing anything at all. This can be the worst approach to it. Without trialing what works and what doesn’t, it will leave you laps behind in the paddock…

Trial a new variety, buy a ram from another stud. We can no longer rely on the books cover to get us the finished product. With the underlying data collected, we are able to make better decisions for our farms to improve the productivity of what land we do have. From owning 1 acre to 1 million you can still prioritize efficiency in every task you do.

Have a think and see what you come up with. Check out the Advice from a 1927 newspaper column from Tennessee, United States.

  1. Grow only one crop
  2. Keep no livestock
  3. Regard chickens and a garden as nuisances
  4. Take everything from the soil and return nothing.
  5. Don’t stop gullies or grow over crops-let the topsoil waste away, then you will have “bottom” land.
  6. Don’t plant your farm operations it’s hard work thinking-trust to luck.
  7. Regard your woodland as you would a coal mine, cut every tree, sell the timber and wear the cleared land out cultivating it in corn.
  8. Hold fast to the idea that the methods of farming employed by your grandfather are good enough for you.
  9. Be independent-don’t join with your neighbours in any form of operation.
  10. Mortgage your farm for every dollar it will stand to buy things you would have the cash to buy if you followed a good system of farming – Division of Extension, University of Tennessee

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