How To Better Manage Your Livestock

Farms Advice Podcast talks with Jock Lawrence, the co-founder of Mobble, the livestock management software that wants to improve the way you document records for your livestock enterprise. In the early days, it began at home on the farm for Jock and his family as the brothers look to put their father’s facts and figures into something a bit simpler than the common spreadsheet. Taking it into his own hands and wanting to be it a viable product for commercial livestock producers.

Jock and his developing mate had a brainstorm over in Bali and got the blueprint down pat. With 3 months they were able to turn it into a working product. By trialing it on 14 farms they wanted to make sure that it was a tool that farmers would actually want to use.

As a young agtech owner, we thank Jock for joining us as a podcast guest and exciting to see where the company can go with new opportunities out there working with farmers.

Listen to the podcast here:

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