How social media helped this agribusiness through tourism

A lot of agribusinesses have collapsed under pressure from lack of consumers visiting their region and spending money locally. With a rise in campaigns such as #Buyfromthebush you can see how a battling region is able to use social media to put themselves out there and becoming a global tourism destination. It is vital to understand what part of the consumer you are engaging with, and for Bridestow Lavender Estate they had recognised that they are not in the business of producing lavender products, but in the business of creating memories for those that visit. With one day they had over 2,500 come through the doors. If each of these customers are adding images online it can easily duplicate your reach.

2,500 x 500 (estimated followers) = 1.25 Million impressions

From just one days worth of foot traffic can generate 1.25 million impressions. These can be scattered across the world which will lead to growing your audience in different regions. This is how powerful social media can be for you agribusiness.

Robert Ravens could see the potential as a tourist site in 2007 and purchased the property as a retirement project.

In an interview with A Current Affair Robert says “We had no customers and no technology. We didn’t know anything about anything…”

Bridestow Lavender Farm

Are you wanting to get your social media working for your agribusiness?

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