From Paddock To Beer Can

Have you ever thought about where the beer you drink comes from? Like myself, you probably have your favourite beer that you always go in the shop and buy. But where does your favourite beer’s ingredients come from? Who produced it and was it a sustainable crop? These are the questions of consumers in Australia and across the world. It’s 2021 and traceability within food and drink is without a doubt the biggest trend for businesses that are here to stick around.

In this week’s Farms Advice Podcast Harvest Series episode, we speak to Abby Ettershank from the Pure Grain network who lets us take a deeper dive than you would usually see from the outside. In this Harvest Series, we talk to the leaders and innovators of harvest time throughout Australia. We have put together more than 10 episodes that you can tune into whilst mid-way through harvest on the tractor/header or out driving to your next location. Agribusiness Podcasts are the perfect mix for farmers to upskill and learn on the go.

Growers from the Pure Grain Network have linked up with the well-known Asahi Brewing company and have purchased 40,000 tonnes of malt barley to trial with their products, one of those products is the even better known Victorian Bitter. Find out in this episode why premium crops are gaining momentum in northern NSW.

Farm Fact: 13 million tonnes are projected for this year’s barley crop Australia-wide.

Safe Farms Leading into Planting Season | Shay Clifford Farms Advice Agribusiness Podcast

G'day farmers! It's always good to know that you and your employees are working in a safe environment and have outlined the risks going into any task. Go and have a look at your toolbox meeting this week and see where you can improve. Shay Clifford speaks to us about three ways you can improve and implement into your own operation as an employee and as a farm owner. Links: Regional Workplace Safety — Send in a voice message:
  1. Safe Farms Leading into Planting Season | Shay Clifford
  2. Farming in Tasmania's Record Breaking Soils | Michael Nichols
  3. Should Family Farms Use Trusts? | Ryan Naughton
  4. 3 Challenges for Australian Grain Producers | Matthew Madden
  5. Managing Macadamia Farms through Digital Records | Theunis Smit

Have you enjoyed this episode or the others in the Harvest Series? Make sure you share this episode with your crew at harvest and get your boss thinking the right way. So many key takeaways are embedded throughout these episodes. Take action today on what you hear or write it down when you hear it. Keep on farming!

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