Flying High With Drones

The Farms Advice podcast episode #6 catches up with an awarding winning photographer Fiona Lake. Her skills don’t stop there as she is a writer and book publisher who has specialised in outback and rural photography for more than 30 years, becoming Australia’s best known and most experienced agricultural photographer. She has created a solid foundation for herself by getting in early and starting out by finding her own way across her 30 years of experience.

“A life-long mission to document life on some of Australia’s largest livestock properties began for Fiona Lake when she arrived to work on one of Queensland’s most remote cattle stations. She realised the majority of Australians knew as little about life on some of the planet’s largest working properties as she did.

Through her photography, Fiona began bringing the lives of outback property residents to the rest of the world.

When Fiona started out, tourists driving through some of Australia’s largest inland properties could only buy postcards of saltwater crocodiles. She began printing unique cards showing life on an outback property and sold them between Broome and Townsville. By the time postcard popularity had waned, Fiona had moved on, always staying one step ahead of the competition.

Fiona has always been an early adopter of technology. She built two social media profiles which are among the largest agricultural-based social media accounts in Australia. She has also created the country’s first rural advocacy website and is a fully licensed drone pilot. In between, Fiona has published 3 books, featuring more than 800 of her best photos from 60 of Australia’s largest cattle stations. She has also expanded to lead farm tours, host workshops, and has established the Rural Drone Academy, her step towards addressing the gender imbalance in drone users.

Fiona’s biggest lesson has been that success brings imitation, leading to a reduction in profits. Fiona maintains that continuing with original ideas will always keep her a step ahead of the competition.”

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