NSW Fires wiped our honey supply

Beekeepers from across NSW have been hit hard with their prime locations wiped out from the fires. As they look for an alternative they want to make the NSW parks open for business. Bees provide much more than honey for us, therefore we need to do much more to insure that they are able to cover their costs. With only 10,000 beekeepers left in Australia it’s important that we can look after the few that are left.

“Fourth-generation honey producer Stephen McGrath still doesn’t know if all his bees are safe from bushfire, but even if they survive, there’s nowhere to put them — especially after several hives were vandalised.” From 10daily.

With a few locations in mind for beekeepers to take their bees such as Kosciusko for a period up to five years in order to allow for the fire affected areas to re-establish itself. They aren’t looking for hand out but only a hand up as they battle through what the fires have wiped out in a short period of time.

Even though beekeeping as a sector is relatively small it places a vital role in agriculture right across Australia. Make sure you help support Aussie beekeepers through buying Aussie honey.

The New South Wales Apiarists’ Association Inc.

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