Farms Advice Podcast Hits 100K Downloads

A big milestone for Farms Advice Podcast this week. When I think of all the hours that go into making it and growing it over the last 7 years its pivoted, ducked and dived. I’ve learnt so much from the speakers on the podcast but probably more so when they really open up before and after the episode.

With this ‘podcasting license’ I’m always looking for the best topics for our farmers to help them build a better enterprise. We all bang on about making our land better for the next generations but I firmly believe we can make it better for our own generation. As we see a huge shift of assets and change in the next 10 years we will confront both challenges and success.

We’re no longer “just farmers”. We’re soil technicians, agtech deployment officers, and CEO’s of multi-million dollar enterprises. For the Farms Advice podcast platform it is really important for us to focus our time on the internal workings of a farm, by dissecting every aspect and peeling it a part so that we can get down to the details.

We’re just at the beginning of passing on vital information that farmers can access for FREE and ON-THE-GO!

What I’ve learnt in 125 episodes

It’s something that I don’t take for granted as I started a podcast from scratch it can been seen to be an overnight success for some. But, there may be a lot of nights involved in ensuring that there is some solid content for the month to play out for farmers cross the country.

  1. I have learnt that if you want to move fast go alone and create your own narrative. As I developed the platform into what it is today with nearing 10,000 monthly downloads
  2. be an open book with guests and ask the questions as if you don’t know a thing about the topic.
  3. Don’t burn out. With producing content for the podcast, farming and marketing for a few clients it can become a full plate. Knowing how much you can fit into your day and putting it into blocks can really improve your days outlook as a farmer
  4. Offer episodes to those that generally don’t have a voice in agriculture. We’re super keen to have more farmers on here but we’re often put up by “Why would you want me?”.
  5. Don’t jump ahead. Keep a consistent pace for the whole race. In 2019 I completed the London Marathon and it was all about pace and stamina. It’s pretty similar to farming really.
  6. Enjoy the process. With the amount of learning I had to do to just publish he first episodes was a steep learning curve. But, as a farming family I’m looking to improve our own position from the ideas I’ve spoken about with the diverse range of guests that have been on Farms Advice Podcast.
  7. Read more. I’ve never been about books until during end of my school days I forced myself to read The Land from front to back and then after that I’ve enjoyed the process and how it takes me away from farming and overload of social media.
  8. There is a successful farming template, with the main element in farming is your mindset and how you position yourself each day.
  9. Take action now. With founders on the podcast having leaped into developing their own company as a farmer they have gone to the dark side of entrepreneurship.
  10. Engage in your farming community. With many events around every area of agriculture it’s not too hard to find something that will get you thinking. Can I do this better?

Where to now for Farms Advice?

A question I get asked quite frequently and it’s simply answered. To create consistent and transparent content for those low hanging fruits. With a growing community we’re able to uncover the questions that farmers may have in their area or enterprise that we can dive a little deeper on once we find a guest for the topic.

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