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Today is an excellent time as we’re able to communicate the life of a farmer and every facet that comes along with the farming community to those that don’t always come contact with the industry itself. As a great way to recognise those that go the extra mile to create drive within their own industry and those around or educating a wider audience through the day to day life of farming.

As Farms Advice looks to join the city and country regions together, it will primarily focus on bringing together the Australian farming community community. It would great to get a representation from all sectors within ag. If you would like to be a part of the program or you know of someone that would suit it would be great to get in touch. we will have a map of who would be excellent to get in touch with.

We look to diversify the mix right across the industries and locations across Australia. As influencer marketing has revolutionised other industries and in particular the retail industry. As farmers it is our job to trace these products to the individual properties that may of supply the wool, cotton, fibre and produce that went into the end product that consumers now enjoy. With traceability added into the mix of our supply chain we can notify the consumers that the produce has been suitably bred and to the highest of standards. With the movement of the younger generations demanding sustainability agriculture will need to band together and use the data that we have from over the years but we may not of been aware of its end use.

As we previously looked into the products that Australian wool was able to produce, with the bale of wool traced to selected properties. Read below

The Australian Wool Industry

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