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Farms Advice was started to make sure that different techniques of farming are passed around in order to become more efficient and productive. A lot of groups carry a political status with them that makes the group one-sided. With the thought of getting all types of farmers on board, to make it a free platform to share your images or different techniques.

We will tend to write a blog or more a week to gather the news of the week within Australian farming, you never know you might find out something that you didn’t know the day before. With the increase in technology in Agriculture and more investment from foreign and domestic investors, as they see the opportunities that Australian agriculture can present. Regardless of the droughts that our soils have seen and the way that we have farmed differently has allowed us to adapt to the different conditions.

If you have something that you have found that helps with your day to day routine, let us know we’d be keen to see it and I’m sure everyone else would too! If you see something that we would all benefit from then do get in touch.

With an increase of farmers on social media looking for answers other than Google from farmers in a similar situation.

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