Farming for diversity

Why you should be looking further afield than your standard day of jumping in the ute to check if everything is going well or has adequate water. With the last decade as Australian farmers, we have seen that technology can be used throughout the enterprise you may have, currently they’re able to reduce your costs through surveying paddocks for any deficiencies or to track fence lines and water systems, and not just to take photos at harvest time!

With so many different species or products that Australian farmers can implement it would be the extra income that they need to offset a drought. It doesn’t have to force your land or labor resources into something that can’t cope but to research the different possibilities. With there being resistance to change through the traditional farming landscape this was the sole reason why I had created Farms Advice. 

The below table demonstrates the levels of risk when undertaking a new venture or trialing different avenues

Take a look at two farms that have diversified below:

1.Outback Harvest: A producer from the south-western Riverina runs sheep, cattle along with summer and winter crops. They had thought about developing there farming enterprise in 2014 as it is a separate entity to the farm. They’re processing raw Teff grain into food-grade Teff grain, which they manufacture into:

• Teff flour

• Teff baking premixes

• Teff pasta

2. Farmstay B&B at Corynnia Station: From the working the land near Carrathool in the Riverina of NSW, the Armstrongs had established a farm stay which has allowed them to create a hub for people within country NSW. If communities are struggling to attract tourists and the cash flow it needs it is an excellent way to educate and show others the country way.

Throughout the years there has been an increase of farming families diversifying there income and the land that they use to establish another channel that they can rely on through the ever changing environment. As seen this year it is a great asset to have when farm income might be at its lowest.

If you have a similar story that you would like to share then do let us know, we will be continuing the conversation of diversifying of Aussie agriculture.

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