Farm Yarns

Farm Yarns was started as a segment on the Farms Advice Podcast to find out if people wanted to listen to what the make up of our guests and what motivates them to do better. Better for themselves, their family and the business they operate.

It is so important that we can learn from each other but also see how we each operate. Like a farm, no person is the same and we are so excited to dive into the people in farming right across Australia.

Some questions we ask on the show are:

· What’s your connection to agriculture?

· What’s your morning routine?

· In 60 seconds tell me the favourite memory you have on a farm?

· How do you take the time to look after yourself?

· What is your deepest fear?

· Tell us something the audience may not know.

· Have a Book recommendation for Farmers Book Club.

If you’d like to be a part of the Farm Yarns story please email hello@farmsadvice.com.au

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