Farm Yarns with Lachlan Dow

Farms Advice Podcast
Farms Advice Podcast
Farm Yarns with Lachlan Dow

One of the new segments on the Farms Advice Podcast is Farm Yarns. Any segment we go through and find out who that person is behind the audio of the previous full episode on the podcast. Find out what inspires them what motivates them and also the resources that they go to to learn more about their role or about the outside life of what their role is.

This week on farm yards we have Lachlan down from CSIRO. He is a postdoctoral research are studying microbes and how they can impact the way a crop is grown both positively and negatively. So hopefully that you can get something out of this episode one element that you can use as your own motivation, use the same resources that they do and improve your own enterprise at home and your own personal development that’s what it’s all about. 

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