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Blokes, BBQ, Bonfire, Beers, Bonding, Bullshit

Welcome back to Farms Advice podcast Farm Yarns segment. With this farm yarn redial behind the audio of our guests and this week we had Bradley mills tied on the podcast. Bradley set up the organisation or group of #6BS. He set up incorporating six important elements that he thought would be be able to establish an initiative that would allow blokes within agriculture and regional Australia to open up. For the use of Blokes, BBQ, Bonfire, Beers, Bonding, B******, he made it all happen.

Running through what motivates bread and keeps him turning will be very similar experience to what others out that out there are feeling with family at the heart of everything that we do. Brad maintains the best way to improve the family dynamics is through improved communication and this can really come from the 6Bs as we first outlined.

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