Facilitating Change and Building Capacity on Farms | Ruth Nettle

Farms Advice Podcast
Farms Advice Podcast
Facilitating Change and Building Capacity on Farms | Ruth Nettle

G’day farmers! and welcome to the farms advice podcast where we talk everything agribusiness.

Kicking off the second episode for 2022 with our recent podcast partnership with APEN 2022 Conference. The Australasia-Pacific Extension Network that looks at this years theme of “facilitating change and the Opportunity from Disruption”. This sums up what we’ve been through in the last 5 years with droughts, floods, fires and pandemics to really spice things up. A trying time for farmers as the supply chain has been tested 10x times over.

I’m really excited to bring to you a selection of the finest guests from the APEN network and to kick us off is Ruth Nettle. Her work in Dairy, the Cooperative Joint Venture in Capacity building and in projects such as the Rural Research and Development for Profit – private sector project – has encompassed very practically based projects which look at assisting change on farms as well as developing extension profession and capacity. – hence, supporting APEN’s mission in promoting the role of extension in rural change.

Let’s get into it.

APEN 2022 Conference
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