Event marketing and agribusiness

If you work within agribusiness it is highly likely that you have been to an event that provides information and new products that are able to help you with your business. Not only are these events ideal for farmers and agribusiness owners but for bringing together communities together for the rare catch up.

Why are events so good to attend or exhibit?

They provide a foundation of where the industry has come and where the current technology and research has informed and transformed usable data into products that will help out on our land. A lot of enterprises feel that it is not worth the hassle, taking into consideration of the current climate it may well not be. As events are a long burner for most companies the real benefit is seen to come with longevity. Being the consistent manufacturer or agribusiness supplier allows consumers (B2C) to access on-going information about your brand, with a general tradition within agriculture is that clients who view a company as excellent products and service they will tend to stay with you throughout the lifecycle. Now the buck is changing with many services allowing to compare different products or services.

With major events across Australia it can be seen that these events continue to thrive with the shift in purchasing swapping in-between different elements of agriculture depending on the season. With AGQUIP the largest agricultural event in Australia it boast thousands of suppliers offering event deals and producing their research into different topics that intend to be rolled out into production. With large events comes the crowds that can allow for your exhibit to be seen by thousands or hundreds if it were a local show. With local shows on the rebound as it seems for those that are proactively seeking different ways that can attract communities and the ag industry to contribute their expertise.

Farms Advice event marketing

Next time you’re thinking of going to an event thing of these 3 points:

  1. Will it be the right audience for your product? Does it attract a one sided market they may primarily look into livestock. You may not always have the right amount of enquiries but if you are to think outside of the box and be different to what others are doing within the industry you should naturally attract clientele.
  2. Emphasise what separates your enterprise from the others. This can be visual or informative that can be sent to clients through a follow-up call or over email.
  3. Set your goals and establish an achievable budget. This is a vital step to ensure your marketing efforts are not gone to waste. Don’t over commit if this is new to you and set achievable goals.

As a farm a livestock farmer don’t limit the way that you market your genetics, view your stock as a product that other businesses need to develop their production line. With traditional marketing becoming obsolete farmers and other surrounding agribusinesses will need to look further afield to gain clients trusts in their products.

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