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The Farms Advice episodes take you from one end of the paddock and into the office. Looking for ways of improvement as individual farmers and lifting your own benchmark. Jack, the host being a farmer himself knows the questions to ask that might be impacting their own family farm, but also for the wider industry to get an understanding of how another sector may work from them. 

In each episode it’s encouraged for you to use it as motivation or even implement something that you heard from a guest. It doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg, just take action today as on average farmers only get 50 seasons.

Beyond Record Keeping On-Farm

Welcome to our collaboration with Agworld as we bring you the conversations from farmers and leaders that recognise the...

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Farms Advice Podcast Hits 100K Downloads

A big milestone for Farms Advice Podcast this week. When I think of all the hours that go into...

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Foot and Mouth Disease for Aussie Farmers

Foot and Mouth Disease for Aussie Farmers When do we go into prevention mode and not waiting until it...

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